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Zcela nové profily 20. září 2017

Tall, mature, sexy CD

Věk 54 z Frederick, Maryland Online Včera
Transvestita hledání Muž

Part time TV/CD that loves short skirts, tall heels, smooth nylons and creamy lipstick! I have been dressing for quite some time, so I have experience at it and finally getting the make up and such right. I have been known to have some hot fun with...

Sissy dressed like a man!!!

Věk 50 z Aberdeen, New Jersey Online Dnes
Transvestita hledání Transvestita

Sissy large and manly. Would like a CD to help.

Dan (Dani) Walton

Věk 43 z Hamilton, Ontario Online Včera
Transvestita hledání Žena

Straight male who likes cross-dressing and would like to meet a woman who wants to go out on dates with me dressed up as a woman.


Věk 55 z Alliance, Ohio Online Nyní
Transvestita hledání Transvestita

Someone whom enjoys many things and new expereinces.I also am into crossdressing and role playing.

Reluctant secret sissy

Věk 33 z Charlotte, North Carolina Online Dnes
Transvestita hledání Muž

Secret dresser who loves fantasies where I'm forced to be the girl against my will. Teased and bullied and made to feel helpless. Love dressing as a cute college age girl and a ballerina. Force me into tights and a tutu!


Věk 44 z Eastpointe, Michigan Online Nyní
Transvestita hledání Transvestita

Klikni ZDE k dokončení této části!

Looking for some fun, care to join me?;)

Věk 27 z Royal Oak, Michigan Online Dnes
Transvestita hledání Žena

Pretty normal guy with a fun interesting fetish. Not looking to make this any more than that (outside of private time I'm a male full time) but wouldn't mind letting my inner girl out with somebody who enjoys indulging in that ;-). When it comes...

Starting new life for master

Věk 24 z Watertown, Massachusetts Online Dnes
Transvestita hledání Muž

My whole life I've been go back and forth with being a sissy and being a failure as a man ive been wanting to be a sissy for a man and ever time I told myself I was just making it up for a fantasy and that's not me but every time I came back and this...