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Новые профили 22 мая 2022 г.

Gender fluid, part-time crossdresser

Возраст 26 от Palestine, Texas Онлайн 4 дн. назад
Кроссдрессер ищут Женщину

Hello, I'm Casey, or Cassandra when crossdressing. I'm a total nerd/geek, love Pokemon, Disney, anime, writing, music, cooking, and cosplay, among other things. I'm here to find a woman who will love me for me and can enjoy all the things I like.

Love lace, pantyhose, do you?

Возраст 39 от Deerfield, Massachusetts Онлайн Вчера
Кроссдрессер ищут Кроссдрессера

I love dressing up, non passable so im looking for someone who might dress up with me, but if not, be ok with me wearing panties, pantyhose, maybe a cute skirt.

I want to be a sissy

Возраст 32 от Montreal, Quebec Онлайн 1 неделю назад
Кроссдрессер ищут Мужчину

I have been CDing since I was a kid but pretending I'm a man..I have accepted I am a sissy and I want men to treat me like one.

Short (5'2) fun crossdresser for women

Возраст 40 от Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Онлайн Вчера
Кроссдрессер ищут Женщину

Hello! I'm looking for fun chat and dates with women who are into crossdressers. I'm new to crossdressing, so at first if you enjoy having someone to doll up and teach about dressing feminine, that would be ideal, though eventually shouldn't be...

Let's escape let love myself I love BBC

Возраст 30 от Port Huron, Michigan Онлайн 2 дн. назад
Кроссдрессер ищут Мужчину

I want BBC to fulfill my fantasy I really deeply down and want to but I really discreet and feminine I'm sick and like the people's black hands all over me let's escape

Welcome to why not?

Возраст 42 от Greenville, South Carolina Онлайн 3 дн. назад
Кроссдрессер ищут Кроссдрессера

Just been stuck same ole too long ready to see and feel beautiful new experiences


Возраст 26 от Springfield, Massachusetts Онлайн 2 дн. назад
Кроссдрессер ищут Мужчину

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